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Arella Opalite Spiderweb Coffin Pendant

Arella Opalite Spiderweb Coffin Pendant

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Arella Spiderweb Coffin Pendant was created with silver plated copper, wrapped into a spiderweb, and a spider placed on top; a skull bead, an Aura Opalite coffin, a tiny Moonstone chip, and a Hematite bead.

Opalite is a powerful emotional healer and energy amplifier. It brings a sense of balance and harmony into your life. You will be able to dig into your shadow self and start to do the work to heal emotional traumas and learn to process lessons to reach your full potential. This stone shines a light on your emotions showing clearly what needs to be removed. Angel Opalite can open energy blockages that make it hard for you to express yourself, increase your sense of self-worth, and you'll be able to communicate authentically and honestly. 

Moonstone represents the divine energy (motherly protection) and is the stone of new beginnings. Create a calm soothing environment, releasing any emotional instability you may be feeling. You will feel compassion and sensibility for yourself and the people in your life, due to the stone reflecting your energy and emotions back to you. Moonstone has the ability to enhance your intuition and is great for activating your creative power, which can help you become in tune with your true emotions and feelings.

Hematite diffuses negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negativity from others. Hematite is strong, grounding, and protective. It strengthens our connection with the earth, making you feel safe and secure. Boost your self-esteem, and willpower which gives you the strength to create healthy boundaries energetically and emotionally.
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