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Batty Over U Bloodstone Necklace

Batty Over U Bloodstone Necklace

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Batty Over U Necklace was created with silver-plated gold tarnish-resistant wire, coated with a clear jewelry coat. The pendant includes a bat charm, peridot beads, and will come with a layered stainless steel chain that's tarnish-resistant.

Bloodstone contains enormous energy that can help you ground to the here and now, and raise your determination, and strength. It encourages you to become conscious of your true impact, loneliness is an illusion. Build a courageous spirit knowing you can channel your energy by being confident in yourself and knowing you're a powerful being connected to the divine. You can calm your emotional body and become more aware of when to leave and/ or remove chaos from your life; making the choice to walk your true path.

Peridot is the bringer of light. Let go of your egocentric attitudes, and stabilize your mood with its healing properties. Cleanse yourself of problematic behaviors and baggage. Open your heart and create a positive outlook for yourself.
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