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Bone Moonstone Face Earrings

Bone Moonstone Face Earrings

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Our Moonstone Face Earrings were created with 12k gold-filled wire and finishings, real hand-carved bones, suncatcher celestial crystal beads, and moonstone chips. 

Moonstone represents the divine energy (motherly protection) and is the stone of new beginnings. Create a calm soothing environment, releasing any emotional instability you may be feeling. You will feel compassion and sensibility for yourself and the people in your life, due to the stone reflecting your energy and emotions back to you. Moonstone can enhance your intuition and is great for activating your creative power, which can help you become in tune with your true emotions and feelings.

Lapis Lazuli is known as a stone of royalty and is referred to as the wisdom keeper. It's believed to possess the ability to enlighten you and lead you towards self-awareness. The stone stimulates your third eye, and your throat chakra inviting you to speak your truth and walk authentically, raising your vibrations and to support a deep mind, body, and spirit connection. In the process of raising your vibes, remove pent-up anger and frustrations, leaving you to make decisive decisions and communicate clearly and truthfully in your relationships and friendships. Turn inward for strength, enlightenment, and wisdom.

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