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Flower Crystal Ring

Flower Crystal Ring

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Our Flower Crystal rings are created with UV resin, dried flowers, chunky glitter, and different variations of stones.

  • yellow +carnations + red agate 

Red Agate Ignites passion in your life, preventing your light from being dimmed. Live in your purpose and conquer your days with confidence, unleashing your inner power. Agate instills positive logical thinking, guiding you from fear and doubt, and breaking free of your self-imposed limitations. Let go of the past and be compassionate and forgiving. Embrace your life to the fullest. 

  • green + wild flowers + aventurine

Aventurine is the stone of opportunity, and luck. It can assist in manifesting wealth and increasing your chances of winning or any situation. It helps you release old habits, encouraging and bringing optimism and motivation through life's obstacles. Enhance your leadership qualities and open yourself up to others. 

  • purple + jasmine + tiger eye

Tiger eye helps you stay centered, and connected to your core. It reminds you to harness your inner strength, stand taller than ever, and release the self-sabotaging actions because everything you ever needed was inside you all along. Release the feeling of wanting to run and hide, and embrace the powers of protection and your personal willpower. Tiger eye will be perfect for building courage in all areas of your life and can be impactful when attracting wealth and breaking blocks.

  • pink + wild flowers + blue apatite

Blue Apatite activates your psychic abilities, and expands and stimulates your intellect. Your ideas will form and manifest right in front of you. Dive deep into reflection and seek inner clarity, so that you can continue planning what's next in your life, increasing your strength. 


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