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Karma Mala Pendant

Karma Mala Pendant

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Karma Mala was wire-wrapped in copper with an Angel Aura Titanium coated Obsidian, an Aura Quartz, and glass beads.

Aura Quartz brings clarity and balance into your life. Protect yourself from psychic attacks enhance your communication and walk in your inner truth pushing you towards comfort and security. Quartz is considered to be a Master healer, light bringer, and amplifier; meaning what's poured into it will pour out tenfold. Look deep within yourself, clearing the blockages and nasty energy that's been dragging you down, and channel a new sense of purpose.

Angel Aura Obsidian dispenses a protective and balanced energy around you, it can help clear blockages by magnifying lively energy and removing negativity. Radiate in Etheral energy; healing emotional and spiritual wounds to create a divine connection to the universe while still having the benefits of obsidian like strength, courage, and banishing fear. Obsidian prevents psychic attacks and removes all barriers allowing you to flow and move forward.
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