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Tiger Eye + Strength Necklace

Tiger Eye + Strength Necklace

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Our Tiger Eye necklace was wire wrapped with gold tarnish-resistant wire and includes an 18k gold plated Strength Tarot card charm that has been embedded with cubic zirconia.

Tiger eye helps you stay centered, and connected to your core. It reminds you to harness your inner strength, stand taller than ever, and release the self-sabotaging actions because everything you ever needed was inside you all along. Release the feeling of wanting to run and hide, and embrace the powers of protection and your personal willpower. Tiger eye will be perfect for building courage in all areas of your life and can be impactful when attracting wealth and breaking blocks.

The Strength Tarot card signifies a patient individual who can accomplish anything they put their mind to. You have the inner strength to pull yourself out of moments of distress and still have the compassion and ability to show up for others. You remain resilient, which is why you are being/ or could be rewarded in the near future. You stayed down and true to yourself, speaking your truth and the blessings begin to flow. 

Comes with an 18k gold-plated chain. It's hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

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